Monday, September 22, 2014

Vulcan: Food Equipment


It was founded in 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky and they began their operations manufacturing cooking stoves and other similar products. Later on Vulcan became a part of the Hart Manufacturing Company. Vulcan first appeared on 1890 with the formation of Vulcan Gas Heating Company, after this event the company continued to expand its product lines. Now Vulcan is among the world’s largest manufacturer of commercials cooking equipment with worldwide distribution of the broadest lines of gas and electric equipment.

Throughout Amechef you can acquire Vulcan. Our company has a well prepared sales team who is available for your requests. We also offer transport and logistics services for the exporting process if needed.

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Available Models:

Heavy duty ranges:  Constructed in stainless steel. Available in 24”,36”, and 60”
Countertop Griddles: Constructed in stainless steel with a polish steel griddle plate, top steam welded, manual control valve with adjustable legs. Increase the productivity with even heat and high-speed recovery.
Braising Pans:  Highly standard features where the cleaning is really accessible. Constructed full in stainless steel and satin interior and exterior finish, allowing braising, fry and grill with ease.
Fryers: Constructed in stainless steel, they are easy to operate. They include thermostat controls, twin baskets, and legs. Available from 45-70 lbs

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