Monday, September 22, 2014


Pro -Cut:

It is an American company, committed to quality and customer satisfaction, manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards in the world. The PRO -CUT brand helps each customer find the right solution for your business, so they are in constant innovation.

Throughout Amechef you can acquire Pro-Cut.  If you are interested on a quote there is an option where you can select the brand and models of your interest; we have a highly experienced sales team that is available for your entire request. Just send us an email and we will get in contact with you in a timely manner, and will be more than happy to assist you. We also offer transport and logistic services based on your needs. 

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Available Products:

· Slicers: Available in light duty, heavy duty stainless steel, and manual with belt or gear transmission. Manufactured in anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The slicers have the main function to cut a wide variety of products such as beef, chicken, pork, sausages, and seafood.

· Meat tenderizer: It is used to flatten and tenderize the meat before cooking. It is made of stainless steel, has a thermal overload protector that prevents easy cleaning.

· Meat Saw: It can be used by butchers, supermarkets, hotels, industrial kitchens and restaurants offering cuts of meat and bone with hygiene, quality and safety.

Meat Grinder: Is the most efficient meat grinder you can find. Built with heavy duty stainless steel with diferent capacities that range from 7lb to 66 lb. of meat gridding per minute. Comes with interlock a sensor which provides more safety and it’s easy to clean.

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