Monday, September 22, 2014

LOLO: Affordable Price, Good Quality

LOLO: It focuses on providing customers the lowest prices of the market. It has different heavy weight industrial products. Its main material used is stainless steel which has high durability saves energy and time.

Throughout Amechef you can acquire LoLo brand. Our company has a well prepared sales team who is available for your requests. We also offer transport and logistics services for the exporting process if needed.

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Gas and Electric Tilting Skillets: Designed for cooking, specifically for industrial service. It has the ability to fry, boil, and grill. Built in stainless steel, uses energy from natural gas or electricity has a capacity of 37 gallons.

Gas Kettle: Stainless steel construction. Available in different capacities from 8 to 45 gallons. Use electricity. It has manual tilt kettles for 8 gallon and 45 gallon fixed tilt or crank. The temperature range is from 149°F - 265°F.

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