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It is a company founded in 1952 that offers various products such as tools, industrial equipment for restaurants; they have over 2000 high quality products. Its goal is to give the customer the best service possible by offering the best prices in the market. They offer equipment such as: convection ovens, food warmers, baine Marie.

Throughout Amechef you can acquire the Adracft brand.  If you are interested on a quote there is an option where you can select the brand and models of your interest; we have a highly experienced sales team that is available for your entire request. Just send us an email and we will get in contact with you in a timely manner, and will be more than happy to assist you. We also offer transport and logistic services based on your needs. 

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Models Available: 

Convection Oven COH-2670W : midsize stainless steel construction. Their temperatures have a range of 120-170. Double glass door. It has a timer of 120 min and has also with inner light.
Bain Marie: ST - 120/2 ST -120/ 3 ST - 240/4. Has the function to maintain the uniform temperature of meals. The bain-marie concept consists of dipping a small container in which the substance is deposited in another bigger that contains a liquid and heats it to the base. It comes in different sizes. Built in stainless steel with galvanized legs, and also comes with a cutting board food 8" x 12”.
Induction Cooker IND- A120V / IND - B120V / IND - C120V / IND - C208V / IND - E120V 
 The induction cooker has function of the heat coming not from the burner, but the pan itself. Built in stainless steel and ceramic vitro. With adjustable temperature range up to 464F and time up to 170 min
Pizza / Snack Oven CK -2: Its function heating small snacks. Made of stainless steel. It has heating function at the top and bottom of oven. System features a pre - designed thermostat to 450F with a 30 min timer.

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