Friday, September 19, 2014

Crathco: Cold Beverage Dispensers

Crathco: was created in 2009 by Grindmaster and Cecilware Corporation. Today is a global manufacturer of hot, cold, and frozen beverage dispensing equipment as well as a complementary foodservice equipment line. Their priority is to continue with product innovation, product development and quality initiatives; they strive to serve the global food and beverage customer through knowledgeable customer support and solutions-oriented sales and marketing.

Throughout Amechef you can acquire Crathco Beverage Dispensers.  If you are interested on a quote there is an option where you can select the brand and models of your interest; we have a highly experienced sales team that is available for your entire request. Just send us an email and we will get in contact with you in a timely manner, and will be more than happy to assist you. We also offer transport and logistic services based on your needs.  

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Some Available Models: 

Cold Beverage Dispensers with different bowls capacities:
D15-3/D15-4: 1 tank with 5 gallons each
D25-3/D25-4: 2 Tanks with 5 gallons each
D35-3/D35-4: 3 Tanks with 5 gallons each

The classic Cold Beverage Dispenser are powerfully effective visual display that helps the product inside (beverage) It has two pieces, stainless steel dispense system that cools to the dispense point. It is easy to clean and has a stainless evaporator surface.

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