Friday, September 19, 2014

Rancilio Espresso Machines

It is an Italian company founded in 1926 and has been working to safeguard and promote Italian espresso culture all over the world. It is also known for its machinery technology, but also on talent, sensitivity and ingenuity. Rancilio has experienced a mayor growth over the years expanding all over the World.
Throughout Amechef you can acquire Rancilio Espresso machines. Our company has a well prepared sales team who is available for your requests. We also offer transport and logistics services for the exporting process if needed:
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Some Models Available:

Coffee Grinders:

KRYO 65 OD: it is a coffee grinder fitted with high-capacity 64 mm-diameter mills, ensuring production of 3.5 g/second. Grinding is instant, and takes place directly in the filter holder, ensuring a fresh, correctly dosed product; it is the ideal grinder-dose for high-quality espresso-based beverages.

MD-Series: it is a dosing grinder is designed to obtain optimal results using various coffee blends and roasts. MD dosing grinders have powerful electric motor working at low speeds to avoid excessive heating of the coffee and to fully maintain taste and flavor.

Coffee Machines:

Classe 7 is designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a contemporary look. It is available in the electronically-controlled E version, for precise, consistent dosing, and in the semi-automatic S version. This model is extremely versatile, with COMPACT E and S versions also available, making it adaptable to situations where space is an issue. The range is completed by the TALL version, for beverages served in large cups/glasses, and the LEVA, for all lovers of tradition

Classe 9 is a perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. This product has been created using Rancilio LAB’s most innovative technology, and has set a new benchmark for style. The result of this commitment to design is a machine with extreme functional elegance. The advanced version is equipped with USB technology for fast, precise management of the main machine settings. For simplified use, the semi-automatic 9 S version is also available, ensuring superb performance and top quality espresso.

Classe 10 embodies the height of technology and build quality. The mix of design, highly developed electronic systems and advanced technology is what makes Classe 10 top of the range. The most advanced version is equipped with USBtechnology. The software developed by the Rancilio LAB team provides total control of the machine for maximum working comfort. Also available in semi-automatic and RE versions, Classe 10 embodies uncompromising quality: this is quite simply the best there is.

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